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Quality creative time together

LEGO® can easily bring the whole family together, so that’s what we aim to do!


Besides... why should the kids get all the fun?

We aim to run at least one family-friendly event each term as a chance for you all to get together and build your own robots as family teams. It's a great chance for you to see just how capable your kids are and to get to grips with some of our more complex kits, all together.

Keep an eye out for future weekend specials – Summer Holiday events, Christmas Specials, Mothers’ Day creative sessions.... They will all be advertised here. Consider them as gifts - experiences such as these can be priceless to your little ones.

Perhaps you would like the chance to do this more often with your children? Just get in touch and we'll see what we can arrange.

June 2017 Father's Day special

Thanks to your interest and imaginations we sold out 3 full workshops over Father's Day weekend this year! Despite searing Summer temperatures, 17 dads and 1 mum gathered together in teams to build challenging models in groups. It was a great success.

December 2017 Christmas special

We don't think there can be Christmas without some LEGO® sparkle and so did many families who joined us for 2 festive workshops last Christmas. Eight families gathered and teamed up to bring Father Christmas and his reindeer to life and race their remote controlled sleighs against the clock! The fun event was made possible thanks to the amazing award winning LEGO® robotics whizzes of RoboCAMP who kindly provided their design and instructions to build. There was no age restrictions to the fun as the kids also sprinkled a little extra sparkle to their festivities by building their own LEGO® Christmas decorations to take away and hang on the tree at home!

Forthcoming Events

Watch this space, 'like' and 'follow' our Group Page on Facebook or our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all future family events!

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