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We are just like you!

We are parents who live in the real world and are bringing our young kids up to be as prepared as they can for the adventure they’re embarking upon. 

Yellow Brick Lab is the creation of a dad, George, to help him answer the boundless enthusiasm of a 6 year old boy, Leon, and his 4 year old sister Faye. It’s as simple as that.


Their questions are endless! Always thought-provoking, often delightful and even sometimes Google-inducing, but definitely endless. And that’s entirely as they should be.


But new concepts can be really hard to explain.


Especially to younger kids who have limited vocabularies and who definitely have had limited experiences of the world to explain them through. So we turned to LEGO® bricks as a tool to bring it all to life for them. 


And we created our own lab.


At home in our living room, our dining room table or their bedroom floors. We were lucky their mum still had all her old LEGO® sets from when she was a kid - buckets of the stuff - from simple blocks all the way through to racing cars with reclining seats and motor powered LEGO® train sets! And there it started. Through our lab we experimented by building answers to his questions, brick by brick.  And it worked!  We had fed his hunger and his appetite had grown.


Through Yellow Brick Lab we hope to spark many more imaginations – to know more about the big wide world that we all live in. 


We have invested in high tech kits, designed and developed by LEGO® Education, that parents and schools typically can’t stretch to afford.  That way we can make them available to the young engineers, programmers and architects of tomorrow.  After all, you may already have one of them living under your very own roof. As might we.


Come and start your adventure today with Yellow Brick Lab.


you know?

In 2020 more than 100,000 of new coding jobs were generated in the UK.  Currently there are more than 1.5 million jobs in the digital sector in the UK, 400,000 of which involve coding.

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