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Just ask - we'll see what we can do

We have no doubt that there are needs we can't even predict!  And that's why we're open to all new ideas.


Yellow Brick Lab are happy to consider any requirements you may have, whether part of an existing holiday club, a one-off session to explore a particular need your child’s class may have at school, or as a taster-session run for your local community, club or society.

Perhaps you have a holiday club that could benefit from a new angle or a brief respite from energy -intensive sports activities for a couple of hours? 

Or maybe your school's class is doing a topic on earthquakes that could benefit from building an earthquake simulator and testing out how it behaves?

Just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Back in April 2017 we ran workshop as part of a broader LEGO-themed Easter holiday club down in Brighton.  The kids loved getting to grips with another form of LEGO that they hadn't experienced before.  Those are the opportunities we want to offer.




Will vary dependent upon the event, the duration and the number of children involved.  All events will be advertised with prices clearly articulated upfront, and will be priced with full consideration of your particular budget.

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