Make them dance, race and play

Party activities are suspended due to the pandemic until further notice


Whether it’s “ready, steady, go!” or “ready, aim, fire!” it’s bound to get the kids energised!


LEGO® robotics make a great alternative to science parties for your 6-10 year olds.  Learn to build robots in teams then race your robots around the room, firing missiles at targets.


It may not quite be the demolition derby you'd see on Robot Wars®, but the principle's the same!  If your child is mad about robots and wants the chance to build, race & take part in a bunch of fun challenges then why not offer her/him a LEGO® Robotics Party?

Remote controlled via tablets our robots navigate tracks and fire mini cannonballs at each other.  We'll be using the fun high-end kits from the LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 range and the LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 range. Follow the links to see for yourselves what fun could be had!

How it'll run

The older children (9+ years old - maximum 12 children) will be split into teams of 2 to build EV3RSTORM . They'll need the supervision/assistance of an adult per team (provided by you) and our guidance throughout the session. The whole party will last at approximately 3 hours and the couple of hours will be spent building their robots.

Then the real fun starts!  They will control their creations using iPads (provided) for around 20-30 minutes. This is where they get to see if what they've built really works and pitch themselves against the other teams - see who's fastest and who has the best aim.

The younger children (6-8 years old - maximum 12 children) are introduced to the concept of speed in a 'Grand Prix' workshop and build in pairs a motorised racing car per team with a motion sensor that they then program using iPads and basic visual computer coding language in order to have a series of test runs and/or a dragster race.


After explaining to them what makes racing cars quicker they are invited to step in the shoes of Formula 1 engineers and modify their model to make it go faster. A final race takes place when every team is ready to pull their car out of the pits! The whole party workshop will last at least approximately 2 hours.


At the end of the workshop all children will receive a Yellow Brick Lab workshop certificate and the birthday boy/girl will receive also a Yellow Brick Lab t-shirt!

The venue can be chosen by you or proposed and booked by us directly.  Chairs and tables will be required depending on numbers.


For costs and more details please get in touch.

It is recommended that all children are aged 6 and above.

Venue cost will be additional if not provided by you directly.